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Better search and data modeling

Today we are releasing another set of important updates to CWAB. The Lucene search engine was previously integrated into CWAB, providing powerful search functionality to users. Lucene indexing is now an automatic process; additionally, the search interface and functionality has been improved and simplified. This update also includes the introduction of tooling for CWAB data modeling. CWAB comes with a unique approach to data modeling but we have been previously reluctant to hi-light it until the tooling was better developed. In the next blog post we'll include a quick video to introduce this very powerful functionality.

Unleashing the power of Lucene on your code

Today we are releasing another important update to CWAB. The Lucene search engine is now integrated into CWAB providing powerful search functionality to users. This is an initial integration of lucene, currently indexing is a manual process done by right-clicking a file/folder and selecting Index. In the future automated indexing would be added. In addition, the app creation process has been significantly improved. It used to take up to two minutes to create an app, that process is now much improved by moving most of the app creation process to the background. We've also added alpha-level integration of the NetRexx language. CWAB uses the excellent CodeMirror editor. For syntax highlighting we used the Go language mode as a starting point and added the NetRexx keywords. Unfortunately

Saying goodbey to the Crudbase

Today we are releasing a major update to CWAB. From user feedback we realized the separate navigation of Crudbase and file system assets was causing confusion with users. We have now merged Crudbase operations and file system operations into a single navigational view. Users no longer need to think about the Crudbase when developing applications. The Crudbase is now a background feature that a user can get to by right-clicking "Home". A number of workflow improvements have also been introduced that should make working on CWAB an even more pleasant experience. The task deck also now includes a deck that contains links to Youtube video screencasts demonstrating various aspects of the CWAB platform.

Introducing the Crudzilla Web Application Builder (CWAB) platform!

Today we introduce the Crudzilla Web Application Builder (CWAB) platform, a different and refreshing approach to web development tooling. We believe web development tools have hit an evolutionary dead-end and it is time to think afresh about what a modern web developer tool should be about. Should it be about clever tricks and an obsession with code manipulation features, or should it be about enabling the shipment of quality software products? We believe it should be about the latter. Even as existing tools pay lip-service to helping developers build better software, they have often failed to address the most important mission of any tool, which is to boost productivity. When one takes a survey of the landscape for web development tools, it seems the biggest productivity features are still